Saturday, March 21, 2015

Last Minute April Fool Day 2015 Easy Pranks Ideas Funny Jokes

Last Minute April Fool Day 2015 Easy Pranks Ideas Funny Jokes Collection information has been available here. We have provided you the best collection of quick April fools pranks, easy April fools pranks, April fools pranks for parents for FB Friends, Family, Relatives, BF, GF, Husband, Wife, and Employee. You can share these April Fool Day Wishes, Greetings, and quotes with your friends and make them feel happy.

Last Minute April Fool Day 2015 Easy Pranks Ideas Funny Jokes

Last Minute April Fool’s Pranks 

Do you meet your child at the bus stop each afternoon? This afternoon, greet the kids with a surprise water balloon barrage.

Glue Coins or Anything Valuable to the Ground, All it requires is a little super glue and some coins. You can modernize it by gluing something that seems even more valuable like fake cell phone, then sit back and watch the frustration ensue!

Crisco will also work just fine. Slather on a little bit, and get ready to crack up as your victims are denied entry.

Put a large sign that reads, "My family is playing an April Fools' Day joke on me! Honk at me!" on the back of his car. This may be a little tricky. If he has a long commute on a really busy interstate, it may not be such a great idea. But if he's just going into town, it's definitely a good prank. Expect an irate text message once he gets into work and watch your back later.

Grab the mail right after it comes today, and then fill the box with shaving cream. Ask an unsuspecting family member to go get the mail, and surprise. The mail came, but not like on other days! There may be a small mess to clean up, but the surprise and laughter will be well worth it.

 Put a Post-It note on the bottom of a co-worker's mouse, so it covers the ball or sensor. When she goes to use it, it won't work. You will giggle as she calls the IT dude and explains to them how her mouse isn't working.

Before everyone gets home from school and work, go through the house and unscrew light bulbs from lamps for a surprise “lights out” attack.

Pull out batteries from all the remote controls, and then watch their look of puzzlement as they try to change the channels.

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